Vinyl Mailbox Post

One of the first things people see when visiting your Buffalo, NY home is the Mailbox Post. Add a touch of class with a vinyl mailbox post and make their first impression a lasting one!

Custom Mailbox Post

We have a variety of custom mailbox post options hand-crafted from the finest exterior vinyl. It includes a UV inhibitor to stop the harmful rays of the sun from breaking it down and is a perfect material for outside use; you may even recognize some of our shapes on your railing or your fence. 

Mailbox Posts

Essential Mailbox Post with Gothic Cap

Kensington Mailbox Post - Plain

Kensington Mailbox Post with Rose Scroll

Kensington Mailbox Post with Engraved Sign

Decorative Mailbox Post with Gothic Cutouts

Kensington Double Mailbox Post

Essential Woodgrain Mailbox Post

Kensington Woodgrain Mailbox Post

Kensington Mailbox Post with Engraved Corner Bracket
Vinyl Mailbox Post buffalo ny

For installation of each of the above, the mailbox post easily slips over a treated wooden 4″ x 4″ post (3 ½” x 3 ½”) and two screws are placed at the base to keep it secure. If you purchase one of our vinyl mailbox posts, be sure to understand the USPS mailbox post installation guidelines.

Our vinyl mailbox posts are designed to put the opening of the mailbox at approximately 42” from grade.

Our mailbox plate is large enough to accept a standard 6″ wide mailbox. If your mailbox is wider than 6″, we can offer a larger plate as an option.

For a better understanding of the pieces and parts, take a look at the anatomy of our Mailbox Posts.

Past Custom Mailbox Post Projects in Buffalo, NY

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