Engraved Signs & Accents

Our engraved signs and corner accents have been designed to integrate with our other products. From house numbers to completely customized signs, our engraving collection is continuously growing and evolving.

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Engraved Number Signs

Corner Bracket Accents

About Our Engraving

We engrave our signs using a CNC machine and V-shaped engraving bits, or flat bits when needed for two sided signs on ½” material.

We use a HDPE (high density polyethylene) color core material. The material looks like an ice cream sandwich with one color at the core and a different color on the front and back. The materials are fused together in the manufacturing process and will not separate.

Our engraving results in deep rich side walls inside the letters or numbers. The engraved lines are primarily a “v” shape.

Most of our signs have mitred corners and round over edges so that nothing is sharp.

For hanging signs, we install or supply two eye bolts spaced 7” apart on center unless you request otherwise. For mounting on a solid surface, we will countersink holes at 3-o’clock and 9-o’clock, or in your preferred locations before shipping. We can offer keyhole cut-outs on the back for you to secure it to a wall with hidden fasteners supplied.

For most of our signs, we use ½” thick material. For double-sided number signs, we use ¾” thick material, allowing us to do the deep engraving without puncturing the opposite side.

Other than the occasional cleaning, this product is maintenance-free and can be expected to last for many, many years through different climates.

We have a variety of colors available that we stock and replenish often. these include:

  • White-black-white
  • Black-white-black
  • White-green-white
  • White-blue-white
  • White-red-white
  • Brown-white-brown
  • Tan-green-tan

For example, white-black-white has a front face that is white, a core that is black, and a back that is white. When we engrave into the white, the black core is what shows as the letters, numbers, or object.

What other customers have done

Custom Engraved Signs

We have a large collection of standard stock signs available, but we also offer completely customized engraved signs.

Due to setup and layout, our pricing for customized signs is for the formed material and then calculated at $5 per number.

The sign is 6” x 12” and will take up to four numbers on each side. To accommodate five numbers, we’ll make a slightly longer plaque. We can engrave any amount of numbers you desire starting with 1 up to 10. We can also make custom shapes with the numbers on them and can apply your name to the sign for a slight increase in price, depending on the time it will take to layout and engrave the letters and the size of the material. 

We are always up for a challenge!

Lead time is usually about two weeks from the order date depending on the intensity of the sign. We will send you a proof of the sign before we begin the engraving process. So go ahead and contact us for your everlasting custom sign. We’ll be glad to start the ordering process with you.     

Watch our CNC machine in action.

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