Lawn Sign Holders

Our Lawn Sign Holders were designed to complement our engraved hanging custom name and number signs and engraved stock signs.

Lawn Sign Holders

Lawn Sign Holder with Rose Scroll

Lawn Sign Holder with Celtic Corner

Lawn Sign Holder with Engraved Corner

Constructed with top quality PVC profiles, the lawn sign holder does a great job of displaying your street number at a comfortable height. It comes fully assembled and supplied with a steel “T” post that makes installation very easy. The lawn sign holder is made from PVC and, except for the occasional cleaning, is maintenance-free. Available in black as well as white, they add a pleasing aesthetic to any garden.

The white lawn sign holder is all natural PVC, whereas the black is a combination of black extrusions and white decorative accents that are painted black. All parts of the lawn sign holder are non-corrosive and the paint we use is Fusion by Krylon, which is designed to adhere to PVC.

White and black versions of our Lawn Sign Holder with Rose Scroll and a black Lawn Sign Holder with a black engraved Celtic corner. (Note: customized engraved signs sold separately)

The arm on the lawn sign holder is reinforced to accept the eye hooks. “S” hooks are pre-mounted and crimped to prevent them from coming loose. The lawn sign holder is ready to accept your sign.

Because of the nature of PVC, this sign can stay outside all year round. It’s a great way to let people know your house number. We have even had customers use a solar light to shine on it during the dark hours.

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