About the Bird Feeding Station

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The Bird Feeding Station is a tall PVC 5″ x 5″ post with 16 decorative cut-outs where the birds can feast. Inside the post is a 1/8” thick, 3” diameter, acrylic tube that has holes positioned at every decorative cut-out which allow the seed to flow through and settle on trays. 

On the top is a gothic cap that, when removed, exposes the tube so that the seed may be poured inside. The seed will settle on the bottom and work its way up the tube. A gentle tap will see the seed filling the trays as it comes up to the top of the acrylic tube.

There are many seed varieties and the hole size in the Bird Feeding Station is big enough to cater to most.

This Bird Feeding Station is built with materials that are designed for outdoor use; the feeder can stay outside all year long.


PVC post: 5” x 5” x 66”
Gothic cap: 
Acrylic tube: 3″ x 32”

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