About Sadler Garden Collections

Sadler Garden Collections is a small family-run business based in Buffalo, NY. We specialize in handmade vinyl mailbox posts, house number signs, and other wood and PVC garden products.

As we have grown, our basement, garage, backyard, and two trailers have become work and storage spaces for an endless production of exciting new designs.

You’ll find our larger and more customizable products here, our smaller products in our Etsy shop, and if you catch us at one of our craft shows, the full product line.

Supporting an artisan-run business like ours means buying high quality, hand-crafted items that you won’t find anywhere else, and customer service that has been praised in many testimonials.

Buffalo NY Vinyl Mailbox Posts

Made in Buffalo, NY

PVC is our material of choice, and owner Pat Sadler has been designing and building mailbox posts and other garden products with it since 1993. Most of our vinyl shapes are extruded in Buffalo, NY.

Why Vinyl?

The material we use is a fence and railing grade PVC designed for strength, durability, and continuous outdoor use. When PVC is made, its main ingredient is resin. Two other very important ingredients are impact modifier, which helps to keep the product pliable, and titanium dioxide (or TIo2), which is a UV protectant that prevents the sun’s harmful rays from damaging the finish.

Some of our products are made from darker colors that are textured and variegated, offering customers variety and the opportunity to match their house and trim.

When we purchase our raw materials, they are already in long extruded form, so we have to cut to length, and fabricate them.

PVC has many attributes that make it a wise choice:

  • It’s virtually maintenance-free; the occasional wash is all that’s required to make it look like new again.
  • It contains recycled material.
  • It never needs painting; it’s colorfast.
  • It does not rot, rust, bow, twist, cup, splinter or split – all the issues that are prevalent with wood.
  • It is impervious to insects.
  • It will last indefinitely. True, it may cost a little more than wood or other materials initially, but because of its longevity it’s the best value on the market today in the long run.
Pat Sadler: Owner, Craftsman, Designer.
Pat has a real passion for working with both wood and vinyl and is extremely quality conscious. He’s a self-taught woodworker and a pioneer in the PVC “vinyl” world. His full-time career has seen him working with PVC in the fence, rail, and deck industry for over 30 years, focusing on design, manufacturing, training, and customer service. This has inspired Sadler Garden Collections, his hobby and retirement gig.
Kris Sadler: All-Star Assistant, Color Consultant, Etsy Administrator.
Having worked in the flower, garden, and retail industries for many years, Kris has a strong eye for design and product presentation. She takes care of the small important details in our craft show booth display, stencils and paints the roofs on our wood products, and keeps the administrative and marketing side of the business organized by setting up our product listings on Etsy, and running our Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Colin Sadler: Mailbox Post Installer.
Colin is busy running his own successful business – Sadler Fence and Staining LLC – but often gets involved by connecting with Sadler Garden Collections customers to offer installation services for some of our bigger products, like our mailbox posts. Contact him at (716) 696-0420 if you’re in need of a fence (or fence staining) in Western New York, or get a quick, free estimate!
Steph Sadler: Social Media Strategist, Website Builder, Photographer.
Living abroad in London with Jorge, Emilia, and baby Sebastian, Steph’s input is often on the digital side. She set up our social media accounts, Etsy, and this website. When she visits, she often photographs Pat at work and takes videos and photos of our products. She’s a freelancer, available for social media strategy work, focusing especially on small businesses and artists. Find her at littleobservationist.com.
Jorge Rodriguez Martin: Logo Designer.
Jorge, a garden designer from Spain, designed the logo for Sadler Garden Collections. He works in the garden industry as well, managing a nursery in London where he lives with Steph, Emilia, and baby Sebastian.
Emilia Rodriguez-Sadler (aka Princess): Inspiration.
Emilia is one of the newest members of our family and keeps us all entertained and inspired with her endless smiles and budding personality!
Polly the Traveling Birdhouse: Mascot.
Polly is a mini version of one of our PVC birdhouses and has been around the world: all over the US, Greece, Spain, London, Mexico and beyond. Tough life for some! Find her on Instagram with updates every Friday at #PollytheTravelingBirdhouse.

Get in Touch with Us

If you wish to find out more about our vinyl mailbox posts or custom garden products for your Western New York home, give us a call or fill out a contact form.