Essential Woodgrain Mailbox Post

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The Essential Woodgrain Mailbox Post is our latest Mailbox Post design for those who are looking for the maintenance-free aspect of our products, but with few bells and whistles, just the essentials. This particular Mailbox Post is in woodgrain.

Our Mailbox Posts are created using all UV-protected PVC parts designed for outdoor use.

(Note: Components may not be available in all colors, so we will suggest colors that complement the main color. In this example, the trims were not available in Arctic blend so the customer decided on the white trim accents to offset the dark color.)


  • A 4″ x 4″ PVC post that sleeves over a wood post for stability.
  • A support arm just under the main arm. This is not just designed to support the newspaper arm, but it’s also reinforced internally to allow you to screw on additions such as a decorative bracket or even a name or number sign. These can be added later. For ideas, see our engraved signs.
  • On top of the arm is a 6” plate, riveted and glued, that a mailbox will fit over and be secured from on each side with screws.
  • There is a post cap on top. A flat external cap is included in the price, however there are many cap options available for an additional cost… even a solar option.
  • The overall height of the mailbox post is 58″. The arm length is 30″. The widest point is the 6″ mailbox holder.
  • Mailbox is not included.

Ask us about customizing your Mailbox Post.

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