Plant Suggestions for our Planters

If you’ve purchased one of our products that allow you to plant inside, you might be wondering which flowers or plants to choose. Over the years we’ve experimented with many different types of plants. Below is a list of those we love and have used to display our products.

For any of the larger planters like the New England collection

Photo: Supertunia

Large Supertunias like:

Cascadias “Indian Summer”
Sweetunia “Pink touch”
Amore “Queen of hearts”
Crazytunia “Citrus twist”

For our 4” or 5” planters

Photo: Calibrachoa Superbells ‘Coralberry Punch’


Mini Famous Neo pink strike
Superbells “Lemon Slice”
Pomegranate slice
Strawberry punch
Coralberry punch
Grape punch
Tropical sunrise
Aloha nani Dark red
Cancan Terracotta

For any of our planters

Photo: Luscious citrus blend Lantana

Verbena such as:

Superbena “Royal peach keen”
Empress “Flair cherry”

Lantana such as:

“Little lucky” pots of gold
Bandana pink
Luscious citrus blend

For our 3-way and 4-way lattice planters

Photo: Portulaca Rio Grande magenta

Portulaca such as:

Rio Grande magenta
Archangel raspberry
Mojave red

*In the side pockets, I usually use an upright flower and a hanging one in front.

For fairy gardens in small 4” planters:

Photo: String of pearls (senecio rowleyanus)

String of pearls (senecio rowleyanus)
Tiny hens and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum)
Small Kalanchoe
Mexican heather (Cuphea hyssopfolia)
Creeping thyme (thymus serpyllum)
(Or Dwarf varieties of other herbs)

For small 4” shallow planters

Photo: Ageratum Artist Blue

Echeveria “Rosie”
Haworthia ‘Galbrata concolor’
Ageratum ‘Artist blue’
Nemesia ‘Sunsatia lemon’
Nemesia ‘Juicy fruits papaya’
Nemesia ‘Sunsatia blood orange’

For our Herb and Flower Towers 

Photo: Oregano

Herbs that will work well in the cut-out areas:                        

Sage: purple or variegated
Oregano: Variegated golden or Greek
Thyme: any kind including Silver and English

In the base:

 I usually plant a mix of basils, coleus and some upright herbs such as:

Lavenders (Lavandula, Lavandula stoechas)
Lemon basil
African blue basil
Sweet basil 
Amethyst basil
Salvia farinacea is a nice spiky purple flower.

Lots of coleus in beautiful colors and textures such as:

Flame thrower
Ruby slipper
Terra nova ‘spell’
Wizard red

For our Ivy Tower

Photo: Ivy

Ivy, of course! (we prefer the small leaf outdoor ivy – it will change color in the fall)

If flowers are preferred, any cascading ones used in hanging baskets will work.

More for the 4” and 5” planters

Photo: Pansy

Mexican heather (Cuphea Allyson Hyssopfilia)

More unusual: 

Gomphrena ‘pinball purple’ (attracts butterflies)

Especially for spring:

Pansies and violas

Especially for fall:

Ornamental peppers and orange Kalanchoe

Use our suggestions above or experiment with your favorites. You can plant directly in our planters or leave your plants in their pots! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @SadlerGardenCollections.

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