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Arlington National Cemetery

Around the end of March each year, a group of about 30 people dressed in work boots and work clothes converge on Arlington National Cemetery. Along with these folks come some heavy machinery, work trucks, materials, a mobile home and a ton of passion for the work. The group in question are all volunteers who …

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Fence Around the World: Part 2

Here is part two of the fence around the world blog. I had a few responses from part one including from one person who played a little game of trying to figure out which country the fence was from before scrolling down to the text…give it a try. These pictures have been taken over many …

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Fence Around the World: Part 1

As I travel for my day job and for personal vacations, I always have my eyes open for – you’ve guessed it – fence. I thought I might share some of my pictures with you since I have been collecting them for a while. I have also added some fence related words of wisdom! A …

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